Making & Wearing Costumes - Organizations for Costumers; Events and Conventions for Costumers

This section of The Costume Page contains sites for and about those people who make (and sometimes wear) costumes. The sites include organizations to join, personal pages of costumers (amateur and professional), and events which you can attend in costume, or go to learn about costume.
In addition to the sites listed below, the Instructions page includes information on how to construct costumes and accessores, and schools and classes where costume arts are taught.

Organizations for Costumers

The International Costumer's Guild (ICG)

Other Groups

Costumers Online

Events & Conventions for Costumers

Costume-Cons & Costume Colleges

World Science Fiction Conventions and North American Science Fiction Conventions

Renaissance Faires

Other Period Events

Carnival, Mardi Gras, & Such

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